It has been that long.  Now is as good as a time as any to start anew.


Friday night around 8 p.m., just after putting the kids to bed, I started having contractions – regular, consistent, not completely painful, but much more definitive than any contractions had over the past month or so, every two minutes.

My water broke with the last two.  I was hoping that would happen again.  It seems much more definitive or direct.  Water breaks, go to hospital.  With contractions, you have to time them and then make a subjective decision as to whether it is worth it to go to the hospital.

I timed the contractions for hours.  The app kept directing me to “go to the hospital”, but we waited.  They weren’t getting stronger and they weren’t getting closer together; they were simply consistent at every two minutes.

Around 10 p.m., Froggy wandered out of her room (the “big kids” room – where all three of them sleep) crying.  Her tummy was upset; she was having horrendous gas and generally irritable.  After giving her some gas drops, she started throwing up.  The other kids had had some variation of the same thing during the week and she has been teething, so it didn’t come as a big surprise.

At 11 p.m., I am still having contractions, but sitting on the bathroom floor with our youngest, who is pucking.  This was not an ideal time to go into labor.

We waited some more.  At midnight, the contractions were still the same.  Froggy fell asleep with Ry in bed.  I packed some bags and debated calling my mom to come over.

For some reason I decided to crawl into bed and see if they would just stop for a bit.  4 or 5 a.m. seemed much more appealing.

Sometime close to 1 am., I fell asleep.  By the time 4 or 5 a.m. came around, much to my disappointment, the contractions had stopped.

Saturday was a normal-ish day.  We cleaned and played.  I walked, a lot, and tried other activities to see if it would induce labor.   It did.  At 5 p.m., contractions started again.  I suggested that we all go out to dinner – Sushi – because, why not?

We came home, kids went to bed, Aggie game started at 8 p.m., and I started timing contractions again.   These were much more painful than the night before.  And the kids were asleep and staying asleep.  I told Ry that I was going to take a bath, time contractions, and we’d make a decision at half-time.  At half-time, he looked at me, looked at the app, and said “call your mom”.

Mom came over and we headed to the hospital.   Sometime around 11:30 p.m. we were called back to triage so that they could decide whether I was truly in labor.  I was extremely hesitant to believe it was real after the complete let down of Friday night.  I really did not want to be that mom (especially given that this is my FOURTH) that thinks she is in labor only to get sent back home again.

So when they finally got around to “checking me” at 12:20 a.m., I was thrilled to be dilated 5 c.m. and given a room.

Contractions continued.  They set up the I.V.  R tried to take a nap, but it is nearly impossible with everyone coming in to check on one thing or another constantly.  Around 2 a.m., I requested an epidural and they were surprisingly quick.  Doctor came to “check again” and I was 8 c.m., and she broke my water.

A little before 3 a.m., I asked that the nurse “check again” because he is coming.  She did.  She agreed and told me to wait on the doctor, so “do the opposite of pushing – try clenching”.

We waited and waited and waited.  Dr. arrived a little before 3:30, suited up, and Whisker* arrived at 3:33 a.m., on September 25, 2016, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long.

In hindsight, he chose the most opportune time to join the family.  It was a weekend and so my mom was available to scoot down the street to watch the kids.  She didn’t have to go to work the next day.  It was the middle of the night, which is the easiest time to find someone to watch three kids.  Three sleeping kids is much easier than three non-sleeping kids.  We had all day Sunday to have all the family and friends come visit and no one had to take off of work.

*Blue Jay has been calling him “Whisker” and it has become his nickname.



jumping in

The problem with not writing for long periods of time, is simply when I come back to write,  I’m not sure where to jump back in.

The last post is from October of last year.   That means that I never mentioned the last minute but most amazing trip to Estes Park we took the week of Thanksgiving.

or the drive home from the most amazing trip to Estes Park that was not so amazing, but a snowy-icy adventure (and I can call it an adventure because we were okay and no one was hurt – even though it has caused our insurance premiums to go up over $100 a month).

or any of the Christmas festivities.  . .  .

I started the New Years by running a couple of half marathons.  The first was great and the second, no so great.

We took a quick weekend trip to Disneyworld where I flew across the country with the three kids to meet up with Ry who was out in Orlando at a conference.

and now we are pregnant (I am pregnant) again.  This is the last one.  He or she is due in early October.

Blue Jay turned four.  Froggy turned one.

There is much that I will probably go back and post just simply because this is my only real record beyond some scattered pictures and my memory that any of these things ever happened.




all together now

Everyone look, Froggy is sitting up.


Blue Jay: I want in too.

IMG_20150930_200143 IMG_20150930_200150

Speedy:  Huh (What is going on?)


Speedy: Over, over (move over)




Blue Jay:  This is a good idea.


Froggy: (help me the big kids took over my space)


Blue Jay:  It is okay.  (and gives Froggy a kiss)



I started this when she was almost five months old:

I am horribly behind, but what else is new.  For some reason, when things are hectic at work, I have the desire to write more.  When they aren’t and when things slow down, I just don’t feel like writing.  I narrate blog posts in my head, sometimes starting them, but never finishing.

Froggy turns five months old tomorrow.  At her four month doctor’s appointment she weighed almost 17 pounds and was 27 inches long.  She is the happiest of the kids yet.  I am not sure how that is even possible.  We started her on baby food a few weeks back and she took to it like a champ.

And now, she is six months and a week old . . .

All three kids came to her six month doctor appointment last week.  Dr. D is awesome and lets each one of the kids get their turn to tell him their latest story or show him their newest trick.  This time Blue Jay brought with her the Certificate that she received from her speech teacher.  She was so proud.  Speedy sang his version of “Jesus Loves Me”, which I am still trying to find a way to record.

Froggy did great at the check-up.  The big kids did great providing moral support when she got her shots.  On the way home Blue Jay suggested that we make up a song about it, which we did.  Something along the lines of sometimes you have to get a shot, sometimes you have to get a shot, at the doctor, and it is okay to cry, okay to cry. but only for a little while.  and then it goes away.

She is now 18 pounds, 6 ounces, and again 27 inches long.  It seems that she hasn’t grown any longer, which I know isn’t the case, but its probably more likely that the nurses can’t get an accurate measurement.IMG_20151005_070620


She is able to sit up if supported and loves sitting up.  In the past 24 hours she has gone from needing assistance to get herself into crawling position, to moving clear across the living room (and attempting to get out the backdoor).  She loves to push herself up on all fours – but her hands and her feet, and not her knees.

Running on Beach

Blue Jay’s Vacation

Earlier this Spring when Poppy was visiting he asked Blue Jay if she wanted to come back home with him for a weekend.  He was joking at the time.  She however went running into her room to pack up all of her stuff.   We weren’t ready then. Her car seat was not going to fit on the back of his motorcycle, he would need to take vacation time off of work during the say, I would need to make sure I could drive to Austin to pick her up . . . , but it created the idea that maybe she was ready to take a little vacation.

So we talked about it and talked about it.  The big day arrived back in the beginning of August.  She was so excited, and yet you could tell that she was also so-very-nervous.  He planned it so that they would go back to Austin for one night and then head to the coast to the beach for a few days.  That way I could go pick her up, in less than two hours, if say she woke up in the middle of the night, freaked out, and wanted to go home.

R and I freaked out a bit when she left.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  She has spent the night at Mimi & Papa’s house before, and R and I have left the country before, but this was the first time that she was “really” far away and we were both at home.

Poppy sent me periodic updates and photos.

She went grocery shopping.

grocery shopping

Watered the garden.

watering the garden

Went fishing.

Joey Fishing

Built sand castles.

sand castles 2 sand castles castle 3

And just had a wonderful time.  I never got the frantic phone call.  I picked her up Tuesday afternoon, which was long enough for me, and they were heading back to Austin the next day.  I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up.  I am so thankful that she had this opportunity to spend some time with Poppy.

big tree


Yesterday Speedy turned 19 months old.  In comparison, Speedy now is almost as old as Blue Jay was when he is born.  (and now I remember more why there were days where I wanted to scream – so much whining and frustration).


He is my little sweet heart.  He is so sensitive and has his blankies and his teddy-bear.  He is the first one to greet me when I get home from work and will cry hysterically if I don’t give him a hug and say hello before putting down my bags.



He is starting to speak more and more, but our three favorite words/phrases are “Up, please”,  “Thank you”, and “More”.  If Speedy says “More”, Blue Jay will ask “More, what?”.  but we can’t figure out what.  He just wants more of EVERYTHING.


His favorite foods are corn, carrots, bananas, eggs, and cheese.  He won’t eat meat, even in chicken nugget form.

He loves to play outside in the water.  He will pour buckets on his head and dunk himself in the pool, but can’t tolerate the bathtub. He loves to sit in the driver’s seat of the car and pretend to drive.  Yesterday we let him try to ride Blue Jay’s bike and he thought it was the coolest thing ever, even though he can’t reach the pedals.

IMG_20150608_183606 IMG_20150608_183619

At our doctor’s appointment last week, he weighed a little over 28 pounds and is 33 inches tall.  That puts him around the 75% percentile.  Its hard to get an accurate measurement because he doesn’t like to sit or stand still, at all, ever.

He loves Moo, Baa, La La La, and asks me to read it every night (or shoves it in my hand and refuses to let me read anything else).  And his second favorite would be Goodnight Moon.  Both Blue Jay can recite from memory (so some nights she helps me “read” the bedtime stories).

He is a walking disaster and we haven’t made it a day without a complete face-plant on the deck, a dive bomb off the slide or a table, or simply walking into a door.

He is strong.  Last week he ripped the child-safety lock off the cabinet under the sink.  He can open the big silver refrigerator all-by-himself, which some adults have trouble with.


Everyday he is a little less baby and a little more BOY.


Blue Jay

A few weeks ago I needed to fill out a basic questionnaire for our speech pathologist appointment.  When did Blue Jay first sit up? When was her first word? What was it?

I am horrible with the whole “baby book” thing.  I had one and I gave it away.  I realized though that I never really wrote down those moments outside of this blog or the journal that I keep (and have recently neglected more than this blog).  I need to do a better job of keeping track (and taking pictures).  So I am going to try to catch up . . .

Blue Jay turned 3 back in April.  When we first found out I was pregnant, I wanted a boy.  I was terrified of having a girl.  I didn’t know what to do with a girl.  I had brothers.  I was a tom-boy.  I wasn’t into skirts or dresses, or cheerleading, or makeup.  Honestly, someone else knew what I needed first, and I needed Blue Jay.  She is an amazing big sister who adores her little brother and little sister.

She is so helpful (98% of the time) and attentive to everything around her that I forget most days that she is only 3.

Every evening when R comes home she makes sure that he says hi to Froggy before taking off his shoes or coming to table to eat dinner.  She makes sure that Speedy gets “his song” at bedtime too.  Whenever she gets a snack out for herself, she always gets two; one for herself and one for Speedy.  She clears everyone’s plate off the dinner table when we are done and helps put everything in the dishwasher.  She helps fill bottles for Froggy.  She helps set the table before dinner.  She makes sure that everyone has a drink . . .

and most days:

Me: What do you want to do today?

Jay: Go shopping

Me: What do you want to go shopping for? what do you want to buy?

Jay: We should buy toys for Froggy and fruit packs for Speedy


She is already learning how to “suggest” things instead of asking or telling you what to do.  I wonder where she got it from? It isn’t “give me this” or “do such and such”, its “I think we should clean the floor now” or “I think we should go outside” (and she does suggest that we clean the floor, for whatever reason both she and Speedy have taken to cleaning the wood floors in the house as a form of entertainment – and they do have toys tons and tons of toys, just sometimes the swifter thing and a spray bottle win over the princess dress and trampoline).


But she is just 3.

About a year ago or so, we realized that her vocabulary seemed limited for her age or maybe she was just quiet (or both).  Our doctor said to work with her and wait a bit and see if it improved.  Her vocabulary has improved and she will sit and talk and talk (once she warms up to you which can take 15 minutes to a few days).  She is able to formulate sentences.  Her hearing is fine and probably better than fine.  If you talk about her while she is in the room, she will react to what you are saying.  Even if she isn’t in the same room, she reacts (and so we have to be extremely careful about what is said).  But she can’t say a “K” sound (same as a hard-C”) or a “G”.  So, she and I have started “classes” with a “teacher” (speech pathologist) to “practice our sounds”.  Honestly it is kind of interesting.  I never really thought about how we learn certain sounds and where are of the parts of our mouth go or do to make a particular sound.  To make a “K” sound your tongue needs to be down, on the floor of your mouth, if it isn’t and its floating around, your “K” sound will become a “T”.  Same goes for a “G”; it will become a “D”.

And last Tuesday at our class, Blue Jay was 3.  And she was me at 3.  Who stood off to the side, just watching, but certainly not ready to join the teacher and me singing (horribly) about “B” being the bouncing sound.

I really didn’t know what to do.  I couldn’t force her to sit in a chair and sing.  Technically, I could force her to sit in a chair, but I couldn’t make her sing.  I could threaten her with time out or a spanking, but I knew that she wasn’t doing it to be difficult, she just wasn’t comfortable.  And so I let her just stand and watch.  When we left, she took her notebook and held it all the way home, practicing her sounds in the back seat of the car.  When we got home, she took our her notebook and found some markers and began coloring the pictures for each of the letters, still practicing her sounds.

Thursday went mildly better.  She did sit in the chair, but she still wasn’t ready to sing . . . .


Wednesday we had an eye doctor appointment.  She was great.  She answered the questions and let the doctor dilate her eyes.  She enthusiastically took to the idea of getting to wear glasses.

I wear glasses – now primarily contacts – but I didn’t know I needed them until I was 16 or 17.  I don’t really every remember having an eye exam.  And honestly I had no idea how an eye exam for a child would work, but it can be done.  After reading more about it afterward online (thank you google), apparently even infants can be screened and can wear glasses or contacts.

On Saturday, as a family of five, we went to Costco to pick out frames.  She wasn’t so enthusiastic anymore, but she agreed to some purple ones with the promise of a purple pair of shoes to match.


This morning while getting dressed, she picked out a pink tank top that was mine from when I was her age,

Jay: Who got this for me? (she keeps an inventory on where her clothes came from, from me, or Gramma, or Mimi, or whoever)

Me:  That was my shirt when I was little.

Jay: So you got it for me?

Me: Well, Grama got it for me when I was little and when it no longer fit, she saved it.

Jay: She saved it for me?

Me:  Yes, she saved it for you.

Jay: And for Froggy?

Me: Yes, for you and for Froggy.

Jay: That is so nice.

Yes, Blue Jay, it is so nice.  And I am so lucky to have you, because you are the little girl that I never knew I needed so much.


June, we welcome you with open arms

Parts of May were rough.

My first official day back from maternity leave was supposed to be May 4.  That didn’t happen.  The nanny needed to leave early to take her mom to the doctor, and I ended up spending Sunday night on the bathroom floor sick (and spent Monday morning sleeping trying to recover).  It wasn’t so bad because it meant that I had one last unplanned afternoon before officially going back to work.  (Unofficially I had already been working and going to the office once or twice a week).

After that things seemed to get better.  We had a semblance of a routine going.  Froggy would eat at 4 a.m. and go back down a little before 5 a.m. I would head the gym and be back before the “big kids” woke up.  We’d all get ready.  R and I would head off to work.  I’d leave the office around 4 p.m. to head home.  Then we’d all play outside, make dinner. R would get home sometime between 7 and 7:30, we’d all eat and the “big kids” would go to bed.  R and I would have some time to watch the Rockets in the playoffs . . .

And then we lost Tess. Our neighbor had a dog named Tess. Tess was a fat weeny dog, but the kids loved her and she loved them.  She would come over and play in the evenings, and the weekends, and sometimes just because in the middle of the week, and the middle of the day.  While out on a walk in our neighborhood she was attached by another dog and did not survive. Luckily the kids are young enough to not really understand and they probably won’t remember (and they didn’t see it happen, and they are safe. Thank God.), but it was rough.

And then we all got sick (but not R).   I got sick and got really sick.  Like laying in bed oblivious to anything going on completely unable to get up and do anything, head splitting, double ear infection, sinus infection. . . I felt like death.  I don’t know how I managed last Sunday and Memorial Day when R had to go into the office for work.  I don’t remember four or five days of my life. I can’t tell you what we did or ate for dinner or what movies we watched.

And then the rain came.  The power went out Monday (Memorial Day) night at around 10:30. The big kids slept through the entire storm.  The rest of us didn’t. Needless to say I didn’t go into the office on Tuesday.  By 1, the power hadn’t been restored and R started on the generator which had been sitting dormant in the garage since Hurricane Ike in 2008.  Thankfully my mom still had power at her house.  She came over around 5 and picked up the kids to give them a break from the heat (no one had a decent nap and everyone was sick), and give me a break so that I could lie down and try to get some sleep.

the rain 2 the rain checking the lights

Blue Jay went around the house checking all the light switches, just to make sure they really weren’t working.

fixing the generator

And both continue to try to fix the generator.

And then on Saturday, the a/c unit for the downstairs half of the house quit working.  The best guess is that it needs a new compressor.  It might have been affected by the power going out . . . but either way, not great.  The good news is that the unit for the upstairs works, and with a properly positioned fan, we can actually get cool air pumped through the vents into the downstairs.

And there is some just good.


I actually got the birth announcements out and in the mail.  Speedy never got an official announcement and it drives me crazy to this day.  I’ve actually considered ordering at least one, now, just to put in his “book”.

The kids are awesome and hilarious, and so helpful (most of the time).

climbing in 2

Just checking on my sister.

climbing in 1

I think she needs something.

climbing in 3

Maybe I should climb in to help.


And Froggy is growing so quickly.

Blue Jay starts speech therapy sessions this week.  And as much as we tried to wait and not seem like overly paranoid parents, meeting with the speech pathologist and talking with her about what we can do and what she can help with was oddly comforting and reassuring.

Summer is almost here (and some days feels like it is here), which means more pool time and lazy Sunday afternoons and grilling out on Sunday nights.

cleaning the pool 2 cleaning the pool

and helping Daddy clean the pool.

R hired an operations manager which should give him a little more flexibility and so maybe a couple of free Saturdays, which would be awesome.

We hired two new attorneys, both of counsel and part-time, but some help nonetheless.  Work is busy and busy is good.

And life is good.  Just last week was hell (and some other days in there too).



Eleanor Ryan

Wednesday, April 1, April Fools Day, started off normal enough.  I woke up, went to the gym, came back home to get the kids up and ready.  The nanny’s car had broken down the night before and so the plan for them to go to the zoo was no longer feasible and I was going to take them to her apartment instead for the day.  Luckily it is around the corner from my office.  I dropped them off, debating getting a massive smoothie, but talked myself out of it with the bribe that on Thursday I could splurge and spend the $11 on blended fruit and ice.  I headed to the office.   We were supposed to meet R’s parents for dinner after work and as four o’clock rolled around I was confirming the time.  I packed up my stuff and “felt a little off”.  I had being having contractions, but no where near consistent.  I felt like I was leaking something off and on, but nothing was ever there.  I picked up the kids from the nanny and we headed home to change clothes, pick up R, and head down toward his parents house.

A couple of minutes later I felt something, but thought, there is no way that this is actually my water breaking and so we continued home.  A couple of minutes later I felt it again and there was no doubt this time that my water had actually broken.  It is one thing for it to happen at night, at home, when you are asleep.  Or maybe just at home.  I really wasn’t sure what to do given that I was driving, with two small kids in the car, half-way between home and the office.  At a light, I quickly grabbed my phone.  I had just received a text from R that he’d be at the house by 6:30 and that the kids would not be spending the night at Mimi and Papa’s house, but that he’d take them back down there in the morning.  I texted him back “No. Water broke. Not a joke. Go home now.” I followed up with a phone call and he was out the door.  I called my mom to see where she was and whether she could meet me at the house.  She was about 15 minutes behind me, but would get there as soon as she could.

I got home, unloaded the kids, and in a scattered state started throwing things in a bag.  Contractions hadn’t started and so it might be awhile but with Speedy it wasn’t long and I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic or be miserable.

R and I left the house around 5:45 p.m.  I called the doctor’s after hours number and quickly texted the rest of the family with the reoccurring theme of “water broke. not a joke”, it was April Fool’s Day after all.  We made it to the hospital around 6:15 p.m., valeted the car, and instead of heading to labor and delivery went over to Starbucks to try to relax.

On our way to the hospital R’s mom sent him a text suggesting that it would be awesome if we could “wait” until April 2 as that was her mother’s birthday.  We had no idea.  R’s grandmother passed away when his mom was in college. No one knew that we were naming Baby 3 after R’s mom.  If we could hold off until April 2, she would share a birthday with her namesake.  At 6 or 7 p.m. that seemed like a daunting task, but given that I still wasn’t having contractions we figured there was still hope.  We just needed to relax, right?

My doctor called at around 6:45 p.m. to see if we had made it yet to the hospital.  I said no, but that we were close (we were, we were just sitting in Starbucks which I don’t think he would have liked).  He said that he called ahead and that we need to be there by 7 p.m. before the shift change, so we hightailed it out of Starbucks and over to labor & delivery.  After paperwork and what-not, I was admitted a little after 8 p.m. and the contractions were just beginning to start.

Four hours to go.

My mom arrived a little while later and hung out with R in our room.  The nursing staff was awesome.  The anesthesiologist came by and even though I wasn’t ready for an epidural or sure that I wanted one, he went ahead and did all of the paper work so that if I changed my mind, and then was in a large amount of pain, we didn’t have to try to sign everything then.

Sometime after 9:30 p.m., I called back to get the epidural.  The thought of possibly have to wait another two and a half hours, all while watching the clock slowly tick by, and not have the baby, while hanging out with R, my mom, and my in-laws who were on their way, just seemed like too much.  The epidural was in by around 10:30 p.m.  I felt great for about 5 minutes until my blood pressure dropped too low.  After some meds and oxygen things were back to normal and all of sudden it was after 11 p.m.  Everyone hung out and talked and then it was midnight.  The nurse came in around 12:15 p.m. to put in my catheter and check me.  I was 5 cm dilated.  The plan was to wait until 4 a.m. and then start Pitocin if I wasn’t progressing.  My mom and in-laws left to go to the waiting room to try to sleep.  R curled up as best he could on the couch and we all tried to rest.

My nurse came back a little before 1 a.m. because according to the monitor she was watching in the hall, my contractions were getting stronger and closer together.  When she checked me I was fully dilated and little our little Froggy (she has really long legs and huge feet, kind of like a frog) was coming down the birth canal.  She said she could feel her head.  They called my Doctor and R went to the parents know that we weren’t waiting until later in the morning.  My doctor arrived at 1:25 a.m. looking quite energetic.  They had put me back on oxygen to make sure that she as okay.  They couldn’t get a good read on her heart rate monitor because she was too low.  They set up the room. Dr. C asked if I was ready (not sure).  And Froggy was born at 1:33 a.m.

According to the nurses it was one and a half pushes. And it was a good thing because I am not sure how much energy I had left.  I was exhausted.  R went and got my mom and his parents to come join us in the room and I just held her for well over an hour.

We made it.  Eleanor Ryan was born on the same day as her great-grandmother Eleanor Rose.

Joey's Toes

it is almost April?

At our weekly firm meeting it dawned on me that it is almost April.  This should have been evident already given that I could go into labor any day now (at my doctor’s appointment last week he guessed today, but it hasn’t happened yet).

Time has flown by.

R is done traveling until after Blue Jay’s birthday.  Having him in town, even if he doesn’t get home until after the kids are asleep is still so much better than him being gone.  I don’t sleep when he isn’t there, or at least I don’t sleep well.  I miss having someone to share all the little parts of the day with, the cute thing that Blue Jay said, how many steps Speedy managed before falling, or the video clips that I was finally able to capture of the two of them (now that I have moved into the 20th century and have a phone with a camera).

Speedy is now walking.  He still looks a little drunk, but walking nonetheless.  Blue Jay is growing up way too fast.  Her latest obsession is puzzles and her work books.  She likes to carry around notebooks and a pencil so that she can “work” or “do her work” everywhere we go.  Both my mother and my mother in law picked up activity workbooks for her sometime last week (and the same identical one which was weird) and so all weekend Blue Jay carried around her new workbooks and her pencil.

Everyone has been sick this past week with a virus.  I went to the doctor on Thursday and got a shot of antibiotics and a z-pack, but it didn’t do much.

The weather was awesome this past week.  We spent the majority of the day yesterday cleaning up the backyard (and stopping occasionally to play in the small plastic wading pool).  When R headed to home depot for somethingruther to fix the sink in the master bathroom, Blue Jay and I took a break to paint her toes.

I have no idea what my maternity leave is going to be like.  If you were to ask me a week ago, I was probably going to truly take off the month of April and not work unless necessary, even from home.  Last Friday however I landed a large client who is looking to close a number of acquisitions within the next month or so.  I certainly didn’t mention that I would be having a baby within the next week or two.  Work has been slow since mid-February and the days that I have already taken off will most likely constitute my leave.  I plan on being home – I don’t want to be back in the office within two weeks like with Speedy – but I will most likely be working from home.